Quality is the degree of excellence. Good quality services or facilities are fit for their intended use as perceived and judged by the customer. In evaluating the quality of a service, money and reliability are not the only criteria. Other important considerations are also there such as the work completed ‘on time’ and work done exactly as per the customer's utmost satisfaction.

Quality is not an absolute measure but a constantly moving target and is generally perceived in two major aspects:

  • The degree to which goods and services meet customer’s exact requirements or needs; in this aspect quality influences the cost effectiveness of the operation.
  • The extent of faults in the operation; in this aspect the main influence of deficiencies is on company costs and safety.

Quality Assurance

Can be considered as the actions of all individuals needed to ensure that agreed requirements and specications are clearly identied and met. This may be divided into two separate elements — Quality Planning and Quality Control.

Quality Planning

Is the process of understanding customers’ needs, defining their requirements and designing services and facilities to meet those needs.

Quality Control

Is the process of monitoring, measuring, comparing and correcting so that the services are supplied in accordance with the planned and agreed requirements.

Policy of Saih Al Maghsar LLC ​is to make separate detailed work related quality manual for each project and strictly implement and follow up the same till the job completion date.

Saih Al Maghsar LLC​ has a well experienced, dedicated and specialized team to take up any type of work as a challenge and complete task with ultimate perfection. Saih Al Maghsar LLC​ grows on strong quality concepts such as;

  • Customer’s satisfaction is paramount
  • Quality is build in, not injected in
  • Committing customer’s improvement
  • Creating, achieving & maintaining our environment for quality

Quality Manual ​is a top level document that translates the overall business objectives of the company into a quality policy, systems and practices of the organization. It describes in outline how the company controls its activities so as to meet its defined requirements or how it manages quality of its business.

Quality Policy

Saih Al Maghsar LLC​ is intended to supply specialized and dedicated transporting and other services to the various sites in the Sultanate of Oman, operating through the registered head office at Ghobra, Sultanate of Oman. Our main objectives are to offer defect free, cost effective as well as LTl-free services to the national market.

Saih Al Maghsar personnel are listed in the quality assurance manual. This includes specific HSE rules and responsibilities of each employee category. New employees will receive a copy of their job description during initial induction. The local site supervisor is responsible for ensuring that job descriptions are communicated to all employees.

Our Major Quality Policies and Objectives are:

  • To meet customers’ needs and requirements in quality of product and services
  • To be competitively priced.
  • Ensure that the customers are fully satisfied with the service provided by us.
  • Ensure the continues improvement in the service provided to the customers wherever possible.
  • Ensure that safe and quality working procedures are followed.
  • Provide quality awareness training program for the staff for improvement of quality
  • Follow the quality assurance by defining authority and responsibility of each authority.
  • Receive documents and resolve all customer complaints in an appropriate manner for meeting customer’s requirement of improvement.